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Karen loves talking to readers - of all ages - and sharing her passion for writing, creativity and history. She is available for a range of events, including literary festivals, school and library visits, bookshop panels and conferences.  

She can participate by reading, leading workshops and class discussions, giving author talks and addresses, facilitating panels and discussions, etc. Age focus is primary school years 5-6 and secondary school years 7-12. 

You can contact Karen directly through the contact page of her website, or  request to book her  through Lamont Authors here. 

Watch Karen talk about the world of Time Catchers, and what she loves about writing historical fiction and fantasy! (Video is 5 minutes long).


'Karen’s writing workshop is interactive, structured and engaging. Students will find themselves well down their fantasy writing pathways in less than an hour. Using her own writing journey as a stimulus she prompts students to use their unique experiences to begin a story in their comfortable, known world. Then she helps them to open new doors of possibility.


The workshop subtitle, “From real to weird”, isn’t just marketing. This is how she gets students flexing their imaginative muscles. With a series of prompts she guides young writers to move from description to creativity in easy steps. 


Karen worked with my Y7 class for fifty minutes and I can’t imagine a better introduction to the fantasy writing genre. I’m looking forward to the next term of magic and imagination.'


Sasha Kober, English and Humanities Teacher, Princes Hill Secondary College

'Thank you, Karen. The children so enjoyed meeting you today. Afterwards they decided to create a wall of ‘writer’s tips from Karen Ginnane,’ featuring some of the ideas they got from you. We have also had students write for our school newsletter celebrating what they learned from meeting with you. Our afternoon writing session was so inspired after listening to your own story of how you develop your writing.


Your advice has proven very effective in getting my reluctant writers to put pen to paper. I still get questions from the students and I always respond with, what did Karen say about writing? They love it! And I love the freedom it seems to have given my students to be creative. I cannot thank you enough.'

Ms Purchase, Year 5/6 teacher, Euroa 

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Thanks to Penguin Random House for creating some fantastic teachers' resources for the Time Catchers series - just click HERE.

Karen in action (and some very cool authors you might recognise!)

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