Karen Ginnane is a Melbourne-based author for middle grade and young adult readers. Penguin Random House Australia published her debut novel, When Days Tilt, in July 2021 and will publish the sequel, When Souls Tear, in July 2022. These historical fantasy adventures, set in Victorian London and a parallel city, are part of The Time Catchers series. She is represented by Danielle Binks.

Karen self-published ahead of the curve at the age of ten in her home town of Perth in Western Australia. Since A Horse Named Ginger was released, Karen has been variously employed as a freelance copywriter, a marketing director for Paramount Pictures in London, a grain weighbridge operator in rural WA, a swimming teacher, a life model, a deckhand in Chile and an English teacher in Japan. She's also taught creative writing and bellydance.


Karen received an Invited Residency to Varuna Writer's House in 2020 for When Souls Tear, her second book in The Time Catchers series, which she took in 2021 (thanks to Covid!).

She's interested in looking at old stories in new ways, and in stories that explore diverse or historically silenced voices. She's found that the strange and tilted never seem to be far from the surface, and that 'place' keeps muscling in on the traditional territory of 'character.' 


Photograph by Breanna Dunbar 

Other things she cares about:

  • The everyday miracle of nature, of which we are custodians. Trees, especially - the bigger the better, without wanting to appear size-ist. The deep importance of land as kin, not just resource.

  • Walking - in Big Mama Nature, of course (see above) but also as a flaneur - a wanderer and discoverer of city scapes and other places.

  • Dancing, all kinds.

  • Travel, both far and near. It's not always about distance, but about how you immerse yourself in wherever you are.

  • Journeys into other lives, also known as reading.

Karen also runs a niche tour operator business with her husband, who is a Londoner, and lives in Melbourne with him and their two Anglo-Australian children. And two cats.

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