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When Days Tilt and When Souls Tear make up the Time Catchers duology; an historical fantasy adventure set in Victorian London and a strange parallel city. When Days Tilt is Karen Ginnane's debut novel, published by Penguin Random House Australia in July 2021. The sequel, When Souls Tear, was released in July 2022.



Follow 14-year-old Ava,  a reluctant watchmaking apprentice in 1858 London - the biggest city the world has ever seen. It's fast, furious and often brutal. The latest terror is that people are disappearing into thin air - when they return, they are damaged. Their souls are torn.


One day Ava stumbles across a shocking revelation that turns her life upside down. Ava has to discover who she really is and how she is connected to Donlon, a twisted mirror version of London - and with the mysterious disappearances in London...

It's 1858, Ava is back in London and time snatchers are still at large. Ava is no closer to completing the task her mother set her – destroying the remaining time snatchers and ending snatching in two worlds.


With her father and Phoebe suffering the effects of being torn and Jack back in Donlon, Ava is on her own. She finds that even her developing powers are not enough to fight a new foe – who has terrifying, destructive abilities and ambitions of absolute power.


The PM Post-Level 30 texts are aimed at students in Upper Primary/Lower Secondary, and have a more complex, sophisticated style of writing, with higher-order sentence structures and concepts. 

'When The Name Tree Sings'

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