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Welcome to my new website and blog!

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Welcome to this new nook of cyberspace! My microscopic niche on the web, which I will decorate and gleefully stuff with the strange things in my head. You're so very welcome and I look forward to seeing other human types in these laneways, because that’s the point of it all, no? Connecting, and thankfully tech lets us do that, even in this strange time of social isolation.

So this is the first time I’ve blogged, and the first time I’ve had my own website, because I’ve always been a late bloomer. Which makes me think of a puffy white loaf panting to catch up with those sleek baguettes ahead of it in the Carbathon, so let’s say late starter. Late flowerer?

Anyway. It’s also the first time I’ve had a publishing deal, which has kickstarted all these other firsts. I signed my first publishing deal last year, on June 25th 2019, which was only my childhood dream come true and I’m still pinching myself in disbelieving joy. A 2-book publishing deal with Penguin Random House Australia! I’ve been imagining approximations of this moment ever since I could read. (There’s a photo down there 👇 of me looking like a delighted hamster for your viewing amusement.) Book one - When Days Tilt - will be published in February ’21, with the sequel - When Souls Tear - published in August ’21.

So of course the point of all this is have my author platform here on the web - but that’s not the only thing I’m finding exciting. It’s having a room that is all mine, to do with as I will and to have a place to put all the things that interest me - and to connect with other people out there who might like what I like, too.

AND a place to put my books. Let’s be honest - I have poured heart and soul and so much TIME into writing these books, discovering these worlds, these people, and I love them. I want others to wander in these worlds too, and hopefully also like spending time there. I want people to read my books. Of course I do. Why else write them? (Actually, I would write them anyway, I think, because I always have - but writing is first and foremost COMMUNICATION.) I want readers! And I want to get to know them.

These books are historical fantasy adventures for young adult and middle grade readers. They’re set in Victorian London in 1858, the year of The Great Stink, and also a parallel, dark version of London that some Londoners can see and visit, but most can’t. It’s a dual narrative told by 14 year old Ava from London, and 14 year old Jack, from Donlon (the parallel city). It’s about time - stolen time - and finding out who you are, and where you belong, and it's also an exciting adventure with strange and sometimes twisted characters born from London itself.

So here I am, and there you are, and you're very welcome to come and spend time here. We’re open 24 hours, even if I’m snoring in my burrow. Come in and make yourself at home, sign up for my newsletter (which I promise I won't bombard you with) and leave a note, if you fancy.

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